About us

The first two busses, run by the then new City Omnibus Company and serving two routes, set off on their maiden journeys on March 5 1927. This development was the result of an initiative started by the city's social-democrat mayor of the day and head of the Technical Works Department Fritz Arnold, a graduate engineer. With great vision and a pioneering spirit, he considered his primary municipal duty to  implement of an urban and public transport development programme.

It was decided that new road-building projects, the establishment of a ferry link between Constance and Meersburg, which was realised in 1928, and the founding of the City Bus Company were the three crucial aspects of the city's transport policy for attracting new customers and tourists, for transporting goods and thus safeguarding Constance's dominant status in the region.

Today the City Omnibus Company serves 14 routes and carries 10.5 million passengers per year.

Public transport services still play a key role within the framework of the city's urban planning activities. The ideal goal targeted by the city planners is to achieve an absolute reduction in car usage or, to put it another way, prevent the daily occurrence of traffic congestion and thus reduce environmental pollution.